Apothegms and Observations X

  1. If a man finds joy in his work, then he is blessed indeed.
  2. Do not trust the news to give you science. It gives you news.
  3. The way I see it, everybody is gender nonconforming.
  4. There is no doubt that people who believe they are trapped in a body that is contrary to their gender are in profound psychic pain. Two related questions are not settled. Is this belief based on reality or fantasy? Is the proper treatment sex reassignment or counseling?
  5. If a psychologist is not trained to look for certain things in a patient, how in the wilderness of the human mind will he find them?
  6. A noble desire that does not manifest itself: what good is it?
  7. Do not be afraid to do good works.
  8. It is not judgmental to strive towards excellence when all around you is rotting.
  9. If the shouting ideologue seems captured by a bitter anger, remember that he sees himself as a warrior, which is an admirable thing.
  10. A good desire for all to be right with the world can quickly become a disgust and malice towards all people and places.
  11. Establish humility, find the truth, be your beliefs. Repeat.
  12. If you want to understand the modern perspective on religion, read Nietzsche.
  13. A movement that is founded on a lie is like a wildfire. At first it destroys everything, but soon new life emerges.
  14. Wisdom does not lie prostate in the dust, waiting for death’s release. It does not abandon to despair. Wisdom sees despair, and encourages with smiling understanding. Wisdom uplifts in the bad times, and humbles in the good times.
  15. Among the deadlier idols is the love of feeling righteous.
  16. When we are ministering, it is good to ask, “Do I love this person, or do I love controlling this person?”
  17. If a man finds a wife who is truly happy, he is blessed indeed.
  18. We are all deeply indebted to one another.
  19. When we see problems in the Church, let us follow Daniel’s prayer. He was blameless, but he speaks in the first person.
  20. The real test of virtue does not occur during oppression. The real test occurs when you have the power to oppress.
  21. Too much remembering the greatness of the past can destroy the greatness of the present.
  22. Too little remembering the greatness of the past can destroy the virtue of the present.
  23. Without the courage to act with purpose, greatness cannot be found.
  24. Sean O’Connell was right when he said, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” It is too bad that ugly things do, because they get it.
  25. I am frightfully proud of my generation for diagnosing the problems of the world as being an absence of love. However, we may be naive in assuming that we have the solution that we say the world lacks. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to build love. Many times, literally.
  26. A community that resents the voice of the child will not long continue. It will grow stale and cracked, and fade into memory. A community that resents the voice of the grandparents will not long continue. It will be tossed to and fro, and disperse like mist. A community that resents the voice of the parents will not long continue. It will grow tense and disjointed, and explode into divisions that never heal.
  27. We must again ask ourselves the question and ask it truly, “What is Marxism and why is it wrong?”
  28. Truly, the tongue is like a small fire that can set a whole forest ablaze.
  29. Anyone who can tame the tongue is righteous indeed.
  30. The truest love seeks to love with effect. Thus, true love is wise.
  31. What is this mountain of outrage that I see out there? What is this fever pitch of moral disgust? Are we still surprised at the woes of the world? Have we not wrestled with the sin within us? Nevertheless, it is good to be in horror of horrible things.
  32. I pity the compassionate child that grows within a church that has no ear for the hurting. He will experience the pain of failed mentors, a deep pain indeed.
  33. Until we understand that we have no control over one another’s heart, we cannot love one another.
  34. I’ll say it again. I really am quite silly.
  35. Life in a diverse society does not allow for the luxury of assumptions.
  36. Benjamin Clementine touches my soul with a tenderness that aches and lifts and burdens and desires and knows.

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