A Young Conservative

I desperately, with all my heart desire to treat everyone around me with respect, as adults, as equals. I ache to find the words to express how profoundly I want to love everyone I meet with a love that says, “Yes. I approve of you. I’m not the best, and you’re not the best. We are just two people on this adventure of life, and it’s good.” I want that so, so much. It is a vision of the world I see ever before me, and by grace I taste its sweetness once in a blue moon. Continue reading “A Young Conservative”

The Great Physician

Of the many names for Christ, the Great Physician has long resonated with me. It’s meaning and power have been immediately clear. It means the Strong Healer, the High Doctor, the Final Mender. While the phrase is not found in Scripture, Jesus heals many times. I see three distinct yet related ways in which Christ heals, and each is more profound and truly healing than the next. Continue reading “The Great Physician”