Thank You, My Friends

I am not my fellow man, and I am glad of those who are bored by my ramblings. I tend to see things that strike me as frightfully, and I mean frightfully important, not only to me but to every individual. This importance stirs up my soul such that I want to proclaim, “Eureka!” from the rooftops. Usually I do so with full self-expression, at least among my closer friends.

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Man of Sorrows

“I’ve got this fine friend I want you to meet,
He’s sure to answer your questions complete.
He’s seen it and done it and been it, it all.
He won’t disappoint you, I promise on Paul.”

I asked and he seemed to grasp my demand,
Indeed it seemed he had it all planned.
He uttered a wit I don’t think I’ll forget,
And tied it together with the whole alphabet.

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