Musicks: NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

This time I am not sharing an album, a song, or an artist. NPR Music frequently puts on these cute “Tiny Desk Concerts” and presents them on their website and on Youtube, where I prefer to view them. They ask some of their favorite bands and artists to come over and perform two or three songs on whatever instruments they can bring. It is a very stripped down performance usually; rock bands bring acoustic guitars and basses and drummers would only bring one or two parts of their set. It’s great, you can really get an insight into the music and members’ personalities. Continue reading “Musicks: NPR Tiny Desk Concerts”

Prove It.

“Until I see some proof of God’s existence, I think it’s stupid to believe in him.” Sigh. This statement. Nowadays it seems like almost no one understands what proof means. Or they at least don’t use it correctly when talking about philosophical and logical things. I think it may have two¬†separate¬†meanings, the everyday and the logical. One is for inductive reasoning, the other is for deductive. Continue reading “Prove It.”