Apothegms and Observations XI

  1. We cannot persuade the dissent if we do not listen.
  2. The redemption of Prince Zuko pierces my bones with a joy that utters aching tears, overwhelmed to my knees with deepest meaning and power and beauty. It is the story of God’s people.
  3. Listening comes before speaking. But speaking comes after listening.
  4. Existentialism is a humanism, yes. It is humanism’s mysticism.
  5. There is no battleground that is vicious like the academic battleground.
  6. The reason for tolerance is twofold. It is intellectual humility and a love of peace.
  7. The downtrodden are made strong through the love of the strong.
  8. Hope … hope, the one that reminds us of the eternal light.
  9. It is good to pray the dangerous prayer: “Father, awaken me to the needs of the world.”
  10. Christian music is incomplete without artists like War of Ages.
  11. If an ideology does not allow men to live in peace, it should not and cannot succeed.
  12. The world is people and people are fluid! Build a rock!
  13. The world is people and people are fluid! Influence it!
  14. As population grows, thorough virtue and truthfulness become more difficult.
  15. Confucius understood how people in government must be. The Founding Fathers understood how a system of government must be.
  16. This is a difficult challenge: our spiritualism must consider the discoveries of neuroscience.
  17. If we cannot listen to the other side, how can we love them?
  18. Intelligence is overrated in many ways.
  19. Those who do not care what anyone thinks of them are fools.
  20. The place that cannot forgive, I do not wish to visit.
  21. What protects a community? Forgiveness.
  22. The place that does not laugh, I do not enjoy visiting.
  23. To my generation, empathy is the greatest virtue.
  24. In darkness, the Liar likes to whisper, “Life will always be bleak.” But it is not so.
  25. A man without understanding does not realize that he only understands himself.
  26. The passing laughter of a child can break a man free from the most anxious of contemplations.
  27. Pouring from the teapot into the cup holds a distinct pleasure.
  28. Digging your hands into earth holds a distinct pleasure.
  29. Clementine’s wisdom deserves remembrance: “I dream, I smile. I walk, I cry.”
  30. Speaking follows listening, and listening follows speaking.

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