Here is a list of ad hominem arguments you can use against me if you feel like it.

I was raised in a conservative Christian setting (my father is a professor of Old Testament), and would still call myself a conservative Christian. Therefore I am a blind product of my environment.

I am male, middle class, white, heterosexual, cisgender, non-disabled, and pretty much any other privileged group you can think of. Therefore I do not know about struggle or pain, therefore I cannot have empathy, therefore my thinking is cold and inhuman.

I am profoundly emotional, therefore I cannot think clearly.

I love old ideas, therefore I am blind to progress, therefore my ideas are no longer valid.

I hate conflict, therefore I desire to agree with those around me, therefore I agree with whoever talks to me most.

I am a software developer. I have not spent much time formally studying philosophy, theology, government, economics, sociology, gender/race studies, or anything like that. Therefore I do not know what I am talking about.

I hate being told that I should believe something. Therefore, I am unreasonable, and my beliefs are unreasonable.

I felt the need to write this snide list, so I am arrogant. Therefore I am closed-minded, and my thoughts will be ignorant.

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