I Believe

The first speech for my communications class was called an “I Believe” speech. We are supposed to pick something in our life that we believe in and talk about it for two to three minutes. It doesn’t really matter what you pick, so long as you believe in it; what my class picked ranged from WWE to being vulnerable. A classic and beautifully performed example is about barbecue. What I chose fits the theme of this blog, so here it is. Continue reading “I Believe”

The Parable of the Saint

This requires some background information to understand. For a while, I have thought that Nietzsche is mature atheism, and Lewis is mature theism. We either look into the abyss of nothingness or rejoice in the fountain of goodness. So, why not create a counterpart to Nietzsche’s famous “Parable of the Madman.” The parable talks about the implications of rejecting the reality of God. It is the origin of the term, “God is dead.” It is an extremely well written and sobering parable; I recommend it. It sums up the unavoidable conclusions of naturalism with style and force. Of course Nietzsche thought the conclusions were a good thing, but I will leave that up to the reader to decide. Continue reading “The Parable of the Saint”