Hello there, my name is Tim Schwab. It appears that you have found yourself visiting my blog. You may have just stumbled in, or you may be familiar with the place. Either way, I extend a warm welcome.

But, to business. You came here because you want to know what this particular blog is all about. Well, it is written by a guy who muses about himself, life, and God. Sometimes this means a treatise, and sometimes it means poetry.

It would be nice to be able to say that I am giving you an objective and impartial look at the world, but this would be a lie. We all live and think and write with certain assumptions. Instead of avoiding this fact, I will admit that my mind is thoroughly committed to Christianity, and slightly less thoroughly, but still thoroughly, Reformed theology. All of my words spring from this foundation.

I hope you are able to stay a while, and maybe even drop a comment or two. Or you can grant me a pleasant surprise by writing to me directly. My email address is pyzaist@gmail.com.

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