Apothegms and Observations VI

  1. What if sexual orientation is sometimes determined at birth?
  2. A life without regret is a life without reflection.
  3. I really don’t know much.
  4. Practicality and idealism are equally important.
  5. We either learn from Nietzsche or make his lies true.
  6. If you are going to be an atheist, at least have the honesty to be a Nietzschean atheist.
  7. Of those aged 18-30, %79 of men and %76 of women watch porn at least monthly. The abortions of over 50 million children have been sanctioned by law in the United States since 1973. It seems that Christianity still needs to fight against cult prostitution and infant sacrifice.
  8. When I read Jeremiah 13:15-17, I wonder why we do not fall into the cascading beauty that the Old Testament provides like we do the New.
  9. We have forgotten the reason for joy, the demand of virtue, the rule of law, the goodness of limited government, the responsibility of freedom, the foundation of science, the reason for humility, the ultimate powerlessness of psychology, and the Great Story. We must remember, we must remember.
  10. The difference between television today and television in the 70’s is that back then, it was assumed that life is good.
  11. I want you to say to me, “Stop talking it and start living it.”
  12. I once heard a story of a young woman who had a huge heart for God and a huge heart for Japan. She decided to become a missionary, and the Church rejoiced. She was excited to spread the Good News of Christ and joy beamed through her eyes. After a few years of ministry, she renounced the faith and became an atheist. She said, “I never expected them to be so nice.”
  13. This question does not have an obvious answer: “Do I truly desire to be happy?”
  14. God desires joy for us. Therefore, if we abandon joy, we are going against God’s revealed will. But the question remains, “What is joy?”
  15. Perhaps not, but Joel Osteen probably has good intentions. He probably loves the Lord and wants to see joy in others’ lives. He just knows little.
  16. The humble man forgives because he understands. He understands that he could be the one needing forgiveness.
  17. America is the Rich Young Ruler.
  18. I’ve heard it said that in Proverbs, wisdom and humility are interchangeable. I’m not sure of this, but it merits contemplation.
  19. It is easy to believe your identity is from Christ until your stability is threatened.
  20. It is easy to believe your joy is from Christ until your idols are removed.
  21. It is good to remember that theology is done by people, and people are invariably political. It is also good to remember that people are occasionally correct.
  22. It is refreshing to read the works of someone who used to be an atheist but is now Reformed. But if I desire to be honest, I had better read the works of someone who used to be Reformed but is now an atheist.
  23. A good test of an ideology is how it treats sexuality.
  24. They say that romance is for the young. But we youngins know that real romance is for the old.
  25. The cynical man may be in pain.
  26. It is easy to think someone’s struggle is petty if you have not gone through something similar.
  27. It is good for men and women to contemplate on this for a long time: The wisest man in history was made a fool by the lure of women.
  28. More than often, faith does not come from arguments, but from experiences.
  29. The proud man refuses to feel shame.
  30. A profound truth without context is often unhelpful.
  31. A friend’s words can concrete our foolishness, or they can concrete our wisdom. Seek friends who will concrete your wisdom.
  32. The trick is to not have idols, but to still have joy.
  33. Most of the time, the obvious answer to, “Should I be happy?” is yes. But this is a revealing question: “Why should I be happy?”
  34. Do not belittle the struggles of another.
  35. If you hate your career, then change careers.
  36. The humble leader does not begrudge naivety, but he gently works to change it.
  37. Do not be afraid to be an adult.