Apothegms and Observations V

  1. If you only feel comfortable around people who need you, then perhaps it is you who is needing them.
  2. It is good to ask ourselves daily, “Do I live for myself or for others?”
  3. If I am only with my friend in the good things, can I be called a friend?
  4. I find it amusing that there are times in my life that I do not identify with the disciples when they had their dispute.
  5. Praise does not inflate the humble man, it humbles him.
  6. What a delight to see the happiness of a beaming bride! It fills the soul with light. We are all brides.
  7. Atheists can be moral too,” says Richard Dawkins, the defender of “mild pedophilia.” Nonetheless, he is right; atheists can be very pleasant.
  8. I’m not sure that you ever truly know someone until you live with them.
  9. Churchill spoke well, “Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others.”
  10. A man comes home to find his house broken into and his wife killed. They catch the murderer, but the police are careless in preserving his rights and he walks. Week after week the husband tells you of his rage. What would Joel Osteen say to the husband? What if he is that husband?
  11. A young woman meets the love of her life and the two get married. She has never been happier. Within four years, she is only going out while her bruises are healed. She comes to you after one time that gets really bad. What would Joel Osteen say to the girl? What if the girl is his daughter?
  12. A young man lives a good life, and is a leader in spreading the love of the Lord. No one knows that he hates himself for looking at gay porn and masturbating every night. He confesses to you and weeps in your arms. What would Joel Osteen say to the man? What if the man is his son?
  13. A young blogger questions the prosperity gospel. What would Joel Osteen say to me? Still, he has some good things.
  14. What the world yearns for is a hope that is grounded in reality.
  15. Life is not what you think it is when you are sixteen. It is worse and better.
  16. What the world needs is a warrior for joy.
  17. Wounds take time to heal. Love takes time to grow. Wisdom takes time to develop. Needs take time to be seen. Actions take time to plan. Pleasures take time to be enjoyed. If we are so rushed that we have no time, what can our life be?
  18. Pacifism is often an idol of good people.
  19. The Pharisees were the ones who believed in intentional living. But, we should too.
  20. An astonishing fact about the Bible is that it is equally relevant to the prehistoric hunter-gatherer and the Harvard scholar. Equally practical for the king and the peasant. Equally as comforting to the sinner as convicting to the righteous man.
  21. Often, doubt comes not from arguments, but from experiences.
  22. What is the difference between my faith and the faith of the caveman? In a word, history. In a sentence, my God showed up and died for me, and was resurrected.
  23. Visiting an old friend who is doing well is a true pleasure.
  24. Islam equates unbelief and ingratitude. I’m not sure about this, but it is interesting.
  25. I want to be a man who is a warrior for humility, compassion, joy, and strength. But that’s just me.
  26. The Avett Brothers deserve to be remembered.
  27. Don’t be afraid to be important.
  28. Don’t be unwilling to be unimportant.
  29. A friend who doesn’t need you is more valuable than one who does.
  30. When the Gospel is fully received, it changes even the vacation.
  31. A job well done is a true pleasure.

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