Apothegms and Observations IV

  1. Sorrow changes things.
  2. It is difficult to understand the value and beauty of Christianity’s answers if you do not understand the objections.
  3. If you have forgotten who you used to be, you do not understand who you are.
  4. Often, doubt originates not in the mind, but in the heart.
  5. Reason and logic can tell us nothing new. They only elaborate on what we already know.
  6. It is great folly to teach our children that life is easy.
  7. It is great folly to teach our children that life is pain.
  8. Surprisingly, in the end, everything truly will be made right. Everything.
  9. Do not say, “She is in a better place.” If it is time to speak, say, “Think of how happy she is.”
  10. There is a thin line between accepting our finiteness and settling for inaction.
  11. Usually, he only needs someone to listen. However, if the problem persists, he needs advice.
  12. If we consider ourselves strong, we should ask: “Am I sheltered?” If we consider ourselves knowledgeable, we should ask: “Am I sheltered?”
  13. When we face unending frustration with life, perhaps it is time to repent of our expectations of life.
  14. When I read Isaiah 54, I wonder why we do not fall into the cascading beauty that the Old Testament provides like we do the New.
  15. If we find that we feel excluded from a group, it would be wise to ask ourselves, “Is the group excluding me, or am I excluding me?”
  16. The profound truth is, metaphysics is deeper than epistemology.
  17. Perhaps the Law’s heart is love, and the Law’s action is wisdom.
  18. We need community because we are weak, and others are weak.
  19. Maturity is being able to deal with the sin of another.
  20. If we demand belonging without providing belonging, we are destined to drift.
  21. It is a normal thing to leave a community out of convenience. It is a serious thing to abandon a loved community out of disgust.
  22. A family is an unbreakable tie. A fellowship can come and go. God declares the Church to be a family.
  23. If we do not love the culture we come from, how can we love a foreign culture?
  24. It is a mistake and hindrance to put our trust in Christian culture, and forget Christ.
  25. Why was I ever bored by Matt Papa?
  26. There are no humble men, only humbled men.
  27. The older generation wonders why their children are leaving the faith. Yes, teach us theology. But more important: show us theology.
  28. It is really quite astounding that I am a Christian and not an anarchist.
  29. Any morality that does not spend most of its time on normal, everyday life is not worth listening to.
  30. Someone once said, “If you aren’t a liberal by 20, you don’t have a heart. If you aren’t a conservative by 40, you don’t have a brain.” They spoke well.

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