Glen’s Tale: The Forest Daughter

Some centuries ago, there was a young slave girl who was given to a cruel master. The sound of his steps always stirred fear and hatred in her, and she bore his misery for many years. Her warm heart was nearly turning cold, for in her eyes there could sometimes be found the beginnings of a resentment towards all happy people. But when her eleventh birthday came and went and was forgotten, she finally left her chains behind, and ran away.

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The Story of Glen

I used to be a tree, a story telling tree. During my woodland life I heard many tales from surrounding kingdoms. Master story tellers would come from far lands to share the narratives of the great deeds of their heroes. Dwarves, elves, tieflings. Even giants and centaurs, when they were peaceful. Once a dragon told me his tale the day before he died, because he knew his time had come and he desired to be remembered. I wasn’t the most famous of the story telling trees, but I was well known in my region.

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