Apothegms and Observations XLVI

  1. The wise Pastor Hutchinson said, “It’s possible for us to spend too much time trying to be wise as serpents and not nearly enough time remembering to be innocent as doves.”
  2. Many of the things that are often said of the Puritans are quite baffling to me. It is almost as if the majority of people who speak of their flaws have never read a word of them.
  3. Even the smartest among us are persuadable by silly ideas, and the intellect is not a strong defense against the realities of sociology.
  4. Great wisdom consists of correctly balancing and applying common wisdom.
  5. It is wholly unchristian to be suspicious of happiness.
  6. Introspection is not the whole of the Christian life.
  7. Passionate conviction feels infallible, but it is not.
  8. A defining characteristic of hobbits is that they are difficult to traumatize.
  9. War and rape are not the only traumas.
  10. Radical inclusivity is close to nihilism.
  11. Do not chase a feeling of wealth, for it will elude you. Instead chase contentment and gratitude, and a feeling of wealth will be added to you.
  12. You can’t buy peace.
  13. It would be shockingly unloving to care only for the establishment of peace and justice in the world’s societies, and not for the eternal destinations of the world’s souls.
  14. Politics is not outside God’s sovereignty—even church politics.
  15. New technologies are philosophically neutral but sociologically forceful.
  16. I have found that exposure to new ideas has diminishing marginal returns.
  17. Since ancient times all peaceful protests and demonstrations, whether global or local, may be foolish, and many have been. Consequently protests and demonstrations are not to be considered inherently valuable but are to be evaluated on their individual merits.
  18. PTO is a wonder of the modern world.
  19. We certainly don’t have all the answers. But we do have some of the answers.
  20. There is a big difference between cultural relevance and philosophical relevance.
  21. I will say it again: Great wisdom consists of correctly balancing and applying common wisdom.
  22. If I have written more than a thousand apothegms and my words are not God-breathed, then surely some of them are foolish.
  23. A leader is not resentful.
  24. A leader does not insist on being in charge.
  25. The difference between a mediocre engineer and a good engineer is true understanding. The difference between a good engineer and a great engineer is creativity.
  26. The counsel of wisdom and the counsel of prudence are not always aligned. Wisdom and prudence are not the same.
  27. We do not strive for conservative political opinions. Neither do we strive for progressive political opinions. We do not strive for moderate, libertarian, or socialist political opinions. We strive for Christian political opinions.
  28. In Proverbs, the scoffer and the mocker are synonyms for the fool. Does my heart agree?
  29. Celebration and food are bound up with one another.
  30. The sin of sloth is not to be taken lightly—I should know.

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