Bolding Trip: A Poem In One Sitting

Matriarch is feeling peace
Many blessings counted, when:

“Gill!” The scolding goes again,
Henry’s house gets hacked and hewn.

Clock turns twelve, Joe rounds the dune
Just in time for Geoff’s perf’ surf.

Chair and beer is Tyeler’s turf,
Rod and line for Jonathan.

Kohen’s cute gives Mom a grin;
El’ is held by eldest sis.

Ralph thanks God for granting this,
Fam’ly here at Holden Beach.

Here beneath Shibum’s Aleesh’,
Reffing fights with Jamey, she.

Brian, Gabe talk SBC;
Caleb, Dan play NBA.

Kylie’s deep, she’s braving spray;
‘Vannah’s ‘voiding burn—NOT!

Pinkie’s novel? Harry Pot’;
Tim is reading Peter Enns.

Annie, Clara best of friends,
Jess and Ja walk end to back.

Gath’ring gulls: yep, that’d be Jack;
Loud and clear is voice of Lil’.

Katie buys a ‘screen refill;
Lissa’s sunburn joins Savan’s.

This concludes my poet’s plans.
“Not without the bestest part!
We all here are such big fans;
Skip not Isle and Beach Mart!”

2 thoughts on “Bolding Trip: A Poem In One Sitting

  1. Love this! Feels like you captured many moments of the family trip…and in verse! Great work Tim. Have the Boldings read it?


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