Apothegms and Observations XLIII

  1. Power is ever the idol of humanity, spurring us towards dark thoughts in our secret hearts.
  2. There are no curses deep enough to lay upon power grabbing that masquerades as righteous activism.
  3. Wars are government expenditures that have a definitive end, which is why they work so well for Keynesian analysis.
  4. Christians are to be in politics, but not of it.
  5. No one is more likely to scoff at a wise saying than the one who coined it.
  6. If you desire to persuade, it is paramount to maintain one thing: credibility.
  7. It is no small thing to find something worth saying.
  8. Only the wisest sage can answer the theological questions of children.
  9. Few things unify like food.
  10. I attempt to be loyal to as few things as possible.
  11. If there is no resurrection, then we’d better hope there is no God. Because if there is, we are still dead in our sins, with no atonement to satisfy the wrath of holiness.
  12. Fools wait to change until their folly has injured them, but the wise man heeds council.
  13. Perhaps this is not the hill to die on, and perhaps that is not the hill to die on. But I can tell you this: there exists, somewhere, a hill to die on.
  14. There are some prophecies that come true only because they have been said. If I tell you that you will meet your true love while wearing red, and every day after that you wear red, then it will surely come to pass. These are called self-fulfilling prophecies. Yet there are some prophecies that do not come true only because they have been said. If we have warnings of the demise of democracy everywhere, perhaps this is precisely the thing that prevents the demise of democracy. I call this a self-refuting prophecy.
  15. Whenever possible, we ought to take care to incentivize wisdom.
  16. Kirk declares, “There is no such thing as a Kobayashi Maru!” Well, my wife could respond merrily, “Kirk has clearly never been married.”
  17. The fool asks, “Where are all the parking spots?” when he has driven past several.
  18. Truly, if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
  19. A word for meditation: Overcome.
  20. The Christian is thoroughly cultural.
  21. Much can be learned of the wisdom of the wise by pondering the foolishness of fools.
  22. There are few stories more beautiful than the outcast being welcomed in.
  23. A scriptural commendation of self-love: Proverbs 19:8.
  24. There is more freedom found in courage than in independence.
  25. I would be a happier man if I remembered more often the blessing and wonder of indoor plumbing.
  26. Truly, “The poor man’s up for sale.
  27. The pouting of both children and adults are alike an attempt at tyranny.

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