Apothegms and Observations XXXIX

  1. The existence of free will and the total determinism of the universe are not compatible. Thus, both a personal God and Sartre’s existentialism disrupt one of science’s fundamental assumptions.
  2. I advise you to try to let the other person have the last word.
  3. Chesterton said it well, “We are perishing for lack of wonder, not for lack of wonders.”
  4. Sad is the people whose comedians are depressed.
  5. To put on new clothes, you must first take off old clothes.
  6. Without God, no governor, no ruler could be trusted to do a single act of justice or integrity. But we are not without God, and He grants Common Grace.
  7. Only the most and least righteous never apologize.
  8. Only the most and least wise never change their mind.
  9. I am never finished being astonished at the amount of meaning Confucius can draw out of a single word: “Zizhang asked about intelligence. The Master said, ‘If slanders which gradually seep in or accusations like flesh-wounds do not get anywhere with one, one may definitely be called intelligent. But if slanders which gradually seep in or accusations like flesh-wounds do not get anywhere with one, one may definitely also be called distant.'”
  10. Only the fool does not applaud the denouncement of toxic masculinity. Yet only the fool denounces masculinity.
  11. Do we have wisdom? How much do we talk about wisdom?
  12. Complaining does not often lead to prospering.
  13. When there are no more tasks to be done, the Hero is happy and content. But if the Villain accomplished his tasks, he would not be satisfied. Indeed, he would find his heart even more tortured. So it is a rule that the ability to take joyful leisure is a mark of the Hero.
  14. If you ask God to grow you and change you, expect to go through difficult things.
  15. Wisdom never counsels passivity. It is hard to tell what is passivity and what is not.
  16. A high view of the holiness of God, a high view of Scripture. A modern like myself would do well to see to it that his heart holds to these things.
  17. Trust without comfortable freedom is not trust, friendship without trust is not friendship, and marriage without friendship is misery.
  18. MLK and the vilest slaveowner would both be damned save for the blood of Christ. George Müller and an abortion doctor would both be damned save for the blood of Christ. Christianity is the Great Equalizer.
  19. There are many times that a biblical author warns us about associating with the unrepentant. It is our job to learn this while not forgetting the Pharisee’s amazement at Jesus supping with sinners.
  20. There are some who would rebuke Jesus for keeping a clique.
  21. Indeed, there are times in life that violence is the answer. And there are times that violence stops violence instead of breeding it. Yet these times are exceedingly rare.
  22. Wrath and vengeance belong completely and exclusively to the Lord.
  23. The wise Jahanna said, “Moralism is when you don’t tell the whole story.”
  24. Truly, hubris comes before a fall.
  25. Without losing dignity, we must lose hubris.
  26. The one who cannot bring himself to hate evil is also unable to love good.
  27. The one who mocks the power of peer review mocks wisdom, humility, progress, agreement, and fellowship. With this person I want to have nothing to do.
  28. It is not God’s will for all of his adopted children to be career activists. Yet it is God’s will that his Church be a force for social justice.
  29. If I am not called to help with a specific work of God’s, I at least do not want to hinder it.
  30. Find what your contribution is to be, and pursue it strongly. And, do not worry if your contribution is different from another’s.
  31. What an insanity and horrendousness is evil violence, large and small! How can a joyful mind contemplate the sheer madness of violence?
  32. At first I was unsure of whether our nation should accept refugees. Then I was reminded of the genocides that are occurring in this world on this very day, and then I visited my brother’s church in Tasmania, and saw the saved souls. I am no longer unsure.

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