Stuff We Don’t See

There’s a coward inside of me
Non-speaking, standless, without hands
The living God, untrusted
From the coward inside of me

There’s a power inside of me
Down-stomping the Enemy
The living God, served
From the power inside of me

There’s sickness inside of me
Free friendship feeling duty-laid toil
The living God, unlearned
From the sickness inside of me

There’s a cult inside of me
A holy blood prostration
The living God, worshipped
From the cult inside of me

There’s a laugh inside of me
Jests and mirthful looking
The living God, befriended
From the laugh inside of me

There’s unfaith inside of me
Childly pain of crossed will
The living God, denied
From the unfaith inside of me

There’s a mock inside of me
Dancing out of fact and blame
The living God, avoided
From the mock inside of me

There’s knowing inside of me
Rocks without motion and hard
The living God, heard
From the knowing inside of me

There’s a school inside of me
Wisdom-claims and scholars
The living God, pondered
From the school inside of me

There’s unrule inside of me
All tameless or beasting things
The living God, disesteemed
From the unrule inside of me

There’s a gale inside of me
Black winds and lonely strife
The living God, sought
From the gale inside of me

There’s quiet inside of me
Un-Zen, with motion and open eyes
The living God, followed
From the quiet inside of me

There’s a lot inside of me
Stuff we don’t see
The living God, dwelling
With the me inside of me

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