Apothegms and Observations XXXVIII

  1. Everything we do should be done out of the love of the beauty of God. If you are overworking yourself in ministry because you are trying to earn His favor, then it is likely that you should stop overworking yourself. But, if you are eating because you are naturally hungry and not because you love God, then I do not advise you to stop eating.
  2. I’ve become convinced that all men are insecure.
  3. A man with humility is far more valuable to a community than a man with intelligence.
  4. It is not particularly Christian to be unconcerned with politics.
  5. Twitter is not the place to hear a broad array of perspectives. It is not the place to decide what you believe. It is a place we can go to get current information, after we have already decided some first principles.
  6. I would do well to remember that Paul declares that it is sin to be a lover of controversy.
  7. Being in authority changes how you view authority figures.
  8. I imagine that some psychological disorders are entirely spiritual and some are entirely physical. I also imagine that nearly all of them are a mix of both.
  9. “Because I know it in my bones” is not a reason to believe in God. But, if that is why you believe, I won’t try to convince you otherwise!
  10. If we are Christian, then it is not true that we are “only human.”
  11. The man who enjoys the mundane is blessed indeed.
  12. There are two types of encouragement: comfort and admonition.
  13. It is difficult to discern the difference between being openly honest and just complaining.
  14. When there is something we don’t like, we can either change it or live with it. Grumbling refuses to do either.
  15. We were created to perform good deeds.
  16. If there can be no friendship between a gay Christian and a Christian who believes that living out the gay life is a sin, then the world is in a sad state.
  17. Grumbling is petty by definition. We are not to be petty, for we are the Images of the Deity.
  18. Without humility, can someone be called intelligent?
  19. Feelings can become tyrants.
  20. “I don’t need any fake friends.” I don’t deny it. Yet the thought occurs to me that we have all been fake friends many times.
  21. There are times in life that empathy is impossible, and the attempt is offensive.
  22. If someone must be similar to me or must have had similar experiences as me for me to listen to them, then I am lost indeed. In fact, the one who is unlike me has the more valuable voice.
  23. The wise man’s curse is to live among fools.
  24. If leisure is unimportant, then art is unimportant. For all art is born out of leisure.
  25. The trustworthy one uses dark news to inform, but hearty words to instill courage. The untrustworthy one uses dark news to provoke rash action.
  26. Trustworthy words in dark times counsel actions that come from courage and hope, not from fear and defeat.
  27. Terror is easily weaponized.
  28. In dark times, fear can overwhelm even the strongest of us, turning us into cowards. We say to ourselves, “I’m just protecting me and my own.” Thus we are divided, and soon we will be conquered.
  29. There is great danger in life, and the road is hard—of this there is no doubt. This will either cause terror and a desperate flying to self-preservation, or it will cause courage.
  30. Two things yet remove peace from me: when my sin hurts another, and the thought of a loved one being damned to Hell.
  31. This is a noble question: what should we value?

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