Apothegms and Observations XXXIV

  1. The infinite qualitative distinction leads me to say, “Where art thou, O Lord?” But he responds: “I love you, and condescended, and gave you covenant theology to hold on to.”
  2. Soteriology is not the whole of Christianity.
  3. I hesitate to trust a man who is unfamiliar with receiving criticism.
  4. The beginning of wisdom is not to avoid foolishness, but to get wisdom.
  5. The wise James Martzin said, “The chivalrous man is tender to his daughters, but terrifying to dragons.”
  6. The strong church has a slight drop in attendance on Easter. A few extra people show up, but more are away with family.
  7. My mistakes have taught me more than my good deeds.
  8. Mental asylums are expressions of radical love, and there comes a time that they should be used.
  9. A coping mechanism is not the same thing as an idol.
  10. I recommend four books in this order for my generation: Habakkuk, Ecclesiastes, Jude, and Luke.
  11. Here is a justification for the sentiments of animal rights activists: Proverbs 12:10.
  12. The scoffer and the nihilist have much in common.
  13. After reading Orthodoxy, The Antichrist was not so troubling.
  14. In war, it is not overly important if a man is nice or not. We are all at war.
  15. A woman who believes that niceness is the supreme virtue will damage her son.
  16. A woman who believes that niceness is the supreme virtue will be confused when her husband feels distant.
  17. When a man is a bold warrior, his niceness has not that hint of cowardice, and is truly admirable.
  18. The humble man accepts discipline.
  19. A question that our generation is asking: Are the normal means of grace only prayer, Scripture, and the Sacraments, or does community also join that number?
  20. A good way to learn about your home is by leaving it.
  21. I hesitate to trust a thinker who cannot anticipate possible points of confusion.
  22. The most important concept for understanding modern and contemporary art is Duchamp’s distinction between retinal and conceptual art.
  23. Impatience is an enemy of virtue.
  24. It is easier to listen to a child’s violin playing than a man with knowledge but no humility.
  25. The most tremendously mysterious words ever uttered: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
  26. Life is hard, and as we try to live it, we will be burdens and inconveniences to others. Therefore, work to not burden others, and do not grow bitter when another burdens you.
  27. I do not trust a man who has inspiring words but who does not have clear beliefs.
  28. We have rights before men, and there are good boundaries that men cannot cross. But we have no rights before God, and there are no boundaries He cannot cross.
  29. Forgiveness is always unfair.
  30. It is foolish to ignore the obvious. We are all foolish.
  31. I want my religion to be scholarly, therefore I want my religion to be peer reviewed.

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