Apothegms and Observations XXIX

  1. Truly, an expert in slothfulness is also an expert in justifying himself.
  2. The Fathers had difficulty evangelizing as well. They called it being “ashamed of the Gospel.”
  3. An experience of suffering can become a source of pride.
  4. A friend speaks frankly.
  5. A friend seeks to understand you.
  6. The privileged kids can be a clique, and so can the strugglers. The essence of a clique is an illusion of a shared secret understanding of life. People who “get it” like you do are liked and included; those who don’t are tolerated and excluded.
  7. The man who is curious can never truly be part of a clique.
  8. Proverbs 22:6 is not a promise, but a wisdom.
  9. Do nothing in vengeance.
  10. How can the talented marketer avoid unethical manipulation?
  11. It is no good to develop strategies to glorify God and enjoy Him, if we forget our end goal of glorifying God and enjoying Him.
  12. What impresses me about the Eastern philosophers is that they understood what it means to dig deep and lay foundation on rock.
  13. Just because I’ve heard a thing before does not mean I do not need to be taught that thing.
  14. Nietzsche’s project was the trans-valuation of all values. His hope was for an Ubermensch whose force of will could create a new set of values – a new religion – for the atheist. His desire was to create for himself something to worship. My thoughts drift to Isaiah
  15. The warrior’s religion has mirth; the scientist’s religion has worship; the social worker’s religion has hope; the blue collar’s religion has majesty; the police officer’s religion has peace; the politician’s religion has rest; the federal judge’s religion has grace; the dancer’s religion has doctrine; the activist’s religion has silence; the professor’s religion has mystery. What would humanity be without religion?
  16. There is something in me that takes comfort in confusion.
  17. Until you understand what it means to find your joy in Christ, you will be unable to leave your idols.
  18. If I am not yet joyful, then I am not yet mature.
  19. It is no good to show how the idols of the world do not satisfy if you do not also show how Jesus does satisfy.
  20. With over a billion views, the Pilots certainly struck a chord.
  21. A society that roots its foundation in the scientific method will be unable to avoid nihilism.
  22. The wise Josh Van Swol said, “Introspection can give you completely wrong conclusions.”
  23. Everyone agrees that the world has changed, and yet it is common to scoff at the elder ones who complain that life was simpler and better in the olden days. Does this mean that everyone thinks that the world has only changed for the better?
  24. Technology is certainly marvelous. But what is the end goal of it all? If we do not know the answer to that question, then the question only becomes all the more relevant.
  25. How can one worship with one’s thoughts? Wonder and awe is certainly an answer.
  26. The man who can worship in the midst of his daily work, in the midst of emergency situations, and in the midst of rigorous thinking is a man of God indeed.
  27. It is ignorance to label all the anxious contemplations of medieval monks “silliness.”
  28. Wisdom is not cold.
  29. The healthy person is often merry.
  30. Contra New Sincerity, the religious friend believes that worshiping God is the fundamental value, and authentic community is subordinate to but springs out of that.
  31. “In spite of all the evidence to support evolution, I will have faith that my interpretation of the Genesis account is correct.” This is not biblical faith, but foolishness. “In spite of all the evil happening in the world that I do not understand, I will have faith that God is all-wise and all-good.” This is biblical faith.

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