Apothegms and Observations XXVI

  1. Resentment is the beginning of much long-term harm.
  2. Truly, much of life is about finding balance.
  3. Seeing the happy can be a pain to the unhappy.
  4. We have not even begun if we think that we have finished understanding life.
  5. When you feel like you have conquered pride, ask your closest friend where you are being blind to sin in your life.
  6. Without forgiveness, fellowship cannot last half an hour.
  7. Spirit is where freedom lies, and spirit is only found in flexible stability, and flexible stability is only found in a God-man.
  8. When I feel that the hymn is stale and cold, the problem is not that it has no meaning. The problem is that I do not see the meaning.
  9. Presuppositional apologetics does not answer an intelligent Nietzschean.
  10. There is far more joy in inventing than there is in inventions.
  11. The way to make a difference is not in a lightning strike of change, but in gradual work.
  12. It is a bizarre mistake to conflate homosexuality and transgenderism. They are not the same. Indeed, they are hardly similar.
  13. If you only follow your heart, then you will never commit to anything.
  14. If following Jesus is a burdensome killjoy, then why would we want to share him with others?
  15. Sam Harris fails to understand many things, but one thing he really fails to understand is himself. I’d love to hear him try to explain the genius of Dostoyevsky, or the appeal of Fight Club.
  16. In studying the transgender population, it would be exceedingly difficult to avoid survivorship bias.
  17. Tech startup-ism is the contemporary Industrial Revolution.
  18. A cynical attitude does not avoid a confirmation bias.
  19. I must never forget that I was once truly dead in my sins, and that my old self still lurks.
  20. I must never forget that I am now alive in Christ, and that I have been made into a new creation capable of good.
  21. The man who does not understand his own emotions is not yet mature.
  22. An abundance of cultural knowledge does not make one aware.
  23. The man who thinks that marriage can be explained through rational self-interest will have a mediocre marriage at best.
  24. The reality is that all of the brothers and sisters are united in Christ. Fellowship is the making visible of this reality, the participation in this reality.
  25. A foolish conception of the genders has resulted in the deep suffering of women. An abandonment of the difference in the genders has resulted in the suffering of both genders.
  26. A woman who believes she is ugly needs cherishing and a man who believes he is weak needs respect. She is a new creation and beautiful; he is a new creation and strong.
  27. If you do not understand the anger of the black community, then find a trusted black friend and ask, “Tell me.” Then, listen and do not speak.
  28. For an emotionally charged term to remain a useful tool rather than become a dangerous weapon, it should have a definition. Privilege is systematic, unearned advantage.
  29. A zinger is not an argument, though an argument may be a zinger.

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