Apothegms and Observations XXV

  1. At some point, a thinker must face nihilism.
  2. The preacher who says nothing of peace will damage many souls.
  3. The wise mother allows her son to play in the dirt.
  4. Life without sentimentality is death.
  5. Sentiments will not survive nihilism, but truth will. Christianity is astounding in that it claims to have True Sentiments.
  6. The young would do well to seek counsel from the old. If only I knew this from the beginning….
  7. Peace is not the avoidance of pain.
  8. The preacher who does not know forgiveness will damage many souls.
  9. The warrior must limit his empathy. We are all warriors.
  10. Peace is not an emotion, but an assurance.
  11. There is no fairy tale that is not about real life.
  12. We all need encouragement from time to time. Therefore, do not be ashamed when you need encouragement, and be on the lookout to provide encouragement.
  13. Humility is not a synonym for false modesty, nor is it a synonym for self-abasement.
  14. If I feel guilt but I do not work to change, then I am not repenting. I am soothing myself with an illusion of spirituality. But, perhaps I overstate myself.
  15. Before working towards improvement, one must first believe that it is valuable and possible to improve.
  16. It is a goal and blessing to enjoy the quiet periods of unproductivity that fill up much of life. These moments are rests and gifts from God, not meaningless vacancies.
  17. A boy should not be entirely civilized; Mark Twain knew this well.
  18. Confession is not an end in itself, but has two purposes: Genuine community and true repentance.
  19. If I cannot spend a lifetime living by a saying, then I do not feel inclined to live by it for two minutes.
  20. It is right for us to have some wildness within us. It is wrong for us to lack self-control.
  21. A house without zeal, enthusiasm, gusto, vigor, life or spirit is not a home. That house is a deadness. But how to gain spirit when one does not begin with it, I do not know.
  22. Avoiding pride is the hardest when we are pointing out pride in another. I can say with certainty that I have never succeeded here.
  23. If I am able to comfortably live without something for the rest of my life, then it is not a need. Few things are needs.
  24. The way out of chronic shame is repetition of truth.
  25. The restoration of broken trust requires repeated trustworthiness.
  26. Ritual is intentional repetition.
  27. It is a long journey from our minds to our hearts.
  28. A man can convince himself of many ridiculous things through the use of repetition.
  29. Vigor comes in a variety of forms.
  30. The first lesson: everyone understands something. The second lesson: no one understands everything.
  31. A difference in enthusiasm often awakens insecurities.
  32. What a riddle is perfectionism! It can be described as refusing to accept anything that is not perfect. But it is more perfect to not be a perfectionist than it is to be a perfectionist. What then is true perfectionism? For to embrace perfectionism is to betray it, and to abandon perfectionism is to fulfill it.

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