Apothegms and Observations XX

  1. When we discover that a thinker is unaware of a problem that concerns us, we are less inclined to trust their answers.
  2. In normal times, compromise is the virtuous solution when unity is impossible.
  3. Sin complicates things.
  4. The hardest work is not the revolution, but the ruling afterwards.
  5. Fear of living is not conquered by thinking, but by spontaneity.
  6. Unexpected lizards are among the great happinesses of life.
  7. Much of philosophy wears me out, because I see great minds waste themselves on trivialities.
  8. If the people involved love others because Christ first loved them, their joy is in Christ’s completed work, and they pursue wisdom, then any style of courtship will end well. If the people involved have deep flaws, then no style of courtship will go well. Which, then, is the more important, the character of the individuals or the way in which they date? Similarly, which is the more important, the character of the people and rulers, or the political system they develop to rule themselves?
  9. When I was young, I did not understand that Hebrews 10:25 is frightfully relevant.
  10. A society wholly without ambition will perish slowly, and a society that worships ambition will perish in a flash.
  11. It is a strange thing to assume that others are the same as us.
  12. It seems to me that much of philosophy is autobiography.
  13. How unbearable the world would be if everyone was like me! Nothing would ever get done.
  14. “White men viciously turn me into an object, refusing to view me as a subject, because they see only the stereotype of Woman, they do not see me.” I reply, maybe this has been your legitimate experience, but in saying this, you are constructing them, the stereotype of White Male.
  15. If it is believed that the perfectly moral life is boring, then it is believed that sin is the only fun.
  16. In the Scouring of the Shire, we find what we are to do. Walk with the Greats to grow and learn, then return to our own country, and lead as they taught us.
  17. The state of the Union cannot be understood without understanding identity politics.
  18. Every proposed Purpose of Life is built upon a belief about Reality.
  19. It is a sin to never consider the problems of the wider world, but because the root of the problems of the wider world is sin, there is but one ultimate solution, and it is not our consideration of the problems of the wider world.
  20. Identity politics does not survive the veil of ignorance.
  21. When we become aware that we have a habit of needless anxiety, it is possible to become anxious of becoming anxious.
  22. I’m not sure, but probably, you do not have a complete education if you have not grappled with the works of Nietzsche.
  23. Nietzsche is this: a modern pagan.
  24. If we never study those with whom we disagree, we are disagreeing with a straw man.
  25. It seems to me that there is no mandatory segregation in America. Yet, there is much segregation. This is perhaps not a simple question: why is this?
  26. We are all equal in value, but unequal in gifts.
  27. We make perfect sense to ourselves.
  28. Devoutly Christian men founded science, and you say, “Science has made Christianity unbelievable.” What is this? But perhaps there is something to be learned here…
  29. Nietzsche is perhaps little more than a deeply intelligent, deeply disillusioned romantic.

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