Apothegms and Observations XIX

  1. Nerds who have lost themselves in the glory of a tabletop game are among the few people I have come across who truly lack prejudice.
  2. Sayings that sound over-simplistic at first can become deep wells of meaning and comfort later in life.
  3. At first I thought, “A society without any wildness is dreary indeed.” Then I remembered the Shire, and smiled at Tolkien’s deeper wisdom.
  4. If it is necessary to do great evil to enforce a perfect society, then it is a great evil to enforce a perfect society.
  5. No one is more unfit to lead than a person who will not reflect on their criticism.
  6. If there is no God, then 1. This life is all there is, and 2. Only we can help us. Therefore, politics becomes the most important human activity.
  7. “I have a new idea! All should listen to my new idea: Life is meaningless!” I issue a hearty guffaw, because Ecclesiastes is at least 2,500 years old.
  8. Alas, that I do not live in a generation whose music is Ella Fitzgerald….
  9. The leader speaks honestly, but seeks to calm the fears that will arise.
  10. If the existence of an enemy is denied, then all of their attacks are ambushes. Satan exists.
  11. A life that has become only writing about God can forget who God is.
  12. In Confucius, in Plato, and in Proverbs, wisdom means the ability to lead well.
  13. This is perhaps an important question: Could a thoroughly Christian government work, and if not, does this mean that Machiavelli was right and Jesus was wrong?
  14. The wise Zeez Eggers said, “Efficiency is not an end, but a means.”
  15. If diversity means including people with different values and unity means having the same values, then diversity and unity are in opposition.
  16. If a worldview forgets to account for an important fact, it can hardly be said to be valuable. Surely, the most important fact is that Jesus rose from the dead.
  17. Hopsin, I weep endlessly for you, and make all of this for you, because Habakkuk, Theophilus, and I also have ill minds.
  18. If an intellectual’s list of the Great Books does not contain works that are at odds with their own beliefs, then I hesitate to call them thinkers.
  19. A leader who knows nothing of trust knows nothing of leadership.
  20. From my admittedly infinitesimal perspective, there seems to be an immense pessimism swallowing the intellectual world.
  21. A life that ignores self-interest is impossible and a life that abhors sacrifice is evil.
  22. The humble man cherishes criticism.
  23. My generation is in its politically formative years, and therefore I worry.
  24. Few sayings ring truer than Proverbs 18:17.
  25. A society without mirth is dreary indeed.
  26. A leader who never compromises is not wise.
  27. Scholars are not creators but curators of ideas, and we need both.
  28. Those who do not feel contentment cannot feel mirth.
  29. Mirth embraces the spontaneous.
  30. On earth, to be mirthful at all times is a fault, and to be mirthful at no times often suggests a fault, though perhaps not always.
  31. Mirth joyfully forgets the sorrow of the world for a time, to instead delight in gratitude to God for the warmth of brotherhood.
  32. Mirth says, “This is how it ought to be. This is what heaven will be. Haha, how wonderful!”
  33. Mirth exists not in a person, but in a fellowship.
  34. Mirth is not a pretend happiness. It does not disappear when you reflect on it.

4 thoughts on “Apothegms and Observations XIX

  1. Honestly, I am unfamiliar with Hopsin. So, I looked up the video you referenced. Now I, too, am weeping. Thanks for sharing all of this – I have much to ponder.


    1. I intentionally put them in the midst of the others, though I agree that I should make a whole post about it. There is definitely enough stuff to be said about it to merit a whole discussion!


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