Apothegms and Observations XVIII

  1. I doubt that there is any leadership that does not lead by example. But a leader who leads by example can lead through other means as well.
  2. A society that does not laugh is dreary indeed.
  3. It is usually silly to decide against a good deed because it is awkward.
  4. How easy it is to lose sight of the roots while in the midst of the branches.
  5. Sad stories are often profound. But the most profound stories are certainly happy.
  6. Distinguishing between Truth and the preferences of our personality type is no easy task.
  7. A truth that comforts one man convicts another.
  8. Ah as in apple, puh as in puzzle, and them as in anthem. AH-puh-them. Apothegm.
  9. A wisdom that rejects earnestness is suspiciously close to passivity justifying itself.
  10. The Christianity of the systematic theologian has a different texture than that of the scholar, or that of the counselor. Yet they are united! What a wondrous mystery.
  11. If morality is whatever an individual decides it is, then justice becomes whatever the strongest entity says it is.
  12. I enjoy clarity because lack of clarity is so common.
  13. Truly, Calvin said it rightly. Almost all Knowledge consists of two things: Knowledge of God and Knowledge of Man.
  14. Epiphanies are not contained in a book, but in a sentence.
  15. Virtue means bringing the abstract notions of Wisdom, Kindness, Diligence or Temperance into the concrete reality of Daily Life.
  16. We live life together, and we live life individually. But for those in Christ, we are never alone.
  17. There is no wisdom without knowledge, and there is no wisdom without virtue.
  18. Wisdom speaks honestly and love seeks to increase joy. We are to lack neither wisdom nor love.
  19. In an age of Denethors, we strive to be Faramir.
  20. The admirable man has three goals, in ascending order of importance. Be a man who would bring the world into Love. Be a man who would bring his children into Love. Be a man who would bring his wife into Love.
  21. If our closest relationships are rife with discord, then is it any comfort that our acquaintances are pleasant?
  22. A life that has become only writing about life can forget what life is.
  23. Intellectuals who talk all day long but do not act on their ideas: I have no patience for you, hypocrites! Yet, I am also a hypocrite…
  24. The wise Nick Whitesides said, “Memes are our generation’s political cartoons.”
  25. If you worry about what others think of you, you will fear men rather than God. If you ignore what others think of you, you will never see yourself.
  26. Where can Knowledge be sure? Where can I build a hope? Where can I find a firm ground? Where can I lay my head to rest? In the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  27. The idea behind the word “Love” seems deeper than the idea behind “Virtue.”
  28. The leader without peace in his soul will form a community without peace in its soul.
  29. This is a hideous lie that awakens an eternal battle cry from my heart: The most wise are the most resigned to despair.
  30. These words are not written as disconnected sayings. They all spring from one way of seeing the world, and this Way is what I am trying to convey.
  31. It seems to me that the more desperately a piece of art tells you that it has no meaning, the more it begins to obviously have meaning.

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