Apothegms and Observations XVI

  1. The leader is able to disagree with grace.
  2. We cannot be clear in our communication until we are clear in our thoughts.
  3. It is better to learn the material than it is to get good grades.
  4. The fear of failure is itself a failure.
  5. I find it difficult to trust the opinion of the one who does not listen to artists. I also find it difficult to trust the opinion of the one who does not listen to economists.
  6. Satan loves to destroy trust.
  7. A nation without trust will fail.
  8. If he is not interested in you, he is not who you are looking for. If she is not interested in you, she is not who you are looking for. You want to be in love with someone who wants to be in love with you.
  9. This is wise counsel: Seek wise counsel.
  10. To take delight in your work is a true pleasure.
  11. The earnest man takes action, and the virtuous man is earnest.
  12. I’ve heard it said that the opposite of fear is trust. I’m not sure, but the saying deserves contemplation.
  13. We are given work to do and burdens too great for us. Do not grow weary in your work as it comes, and share the weight of your burdens as they come.
  14. The man who learns the good lessons from his mentors is good. The good man who rejects the bad lessons from his mentors is great.
  15. A cultural shift creates uncertainty of the future. Uncertainty of the future exposes a vulnerability. Vulnerability leads to a fear of pain. Fear instills a need to control. A need to control denies the humanity of others. A denial of the humanity of others is a dangerous thing indeed. We are undoubtedly in a cultural shift.
  16. We would do well to study the logical fallacies.
  17. There are two, not one, aspects to the abortion debate. First, is the unborn a human? Second, when does a human’s right to life override a woman’s right to be free of the burden of pregnancy?
  18. Often, a fear of a pain is more painful than the pain itself.
  19. It is indisputable that the level of material luxury in which we now live is utterly unsurpassed in all of history. It is interesting that we are deeply discontented.
  20. Confession enables us to see the problem through the eyes of one who loves us. This removes deafening shame and helps us find a solution. In this way, it makes healing and repentance far easier.
  21. Being selfish is not identical to being self-focused, but to be too much of either is a fault.
  22. The leader accepts responsibility.
  23. The leader has a vision for what he wants to accomplish.
  24. The leader is dependable.
  25. The leader delegates with tact, to ensure that the follower will not become bitter.
  26. Comic books are the modern mythologies.
  27. The comedian’s rebuke is valuable indeed.
  28. Perhaps the fault is mine, but I would not grieve if we forgot Gertrude Stein‘s work.
  29. If our deepest passions are depraved, we should not fulfill our deepest passions.
  30. To read is listen to the public, and to write is to speak to the public.
  31. If we say we believe in a doctrine, but we cannot bring ourselves to oppose that doctrine’s opposite, then do we really believe in that doctrine?
  32. A friend understands your anger, but admonishes your grumbling.

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