Apothegms and Observations XIII

  1. The one who cannot disappoint anyone will end up disappointing everyone.
  2. It is difficult to respect the opinions of those who do not understand their dissent.
  3. I’m not certain, but I tend to think that the man who does not listen to art does not listen to himself.
  4. I am continually abandoning Christ, and He is continually bringing me back to Himself.
  5. Some are guardians and keepers of the ancient truths of humility and patience, and some are warriors and constructors of the ancient truths of boldness and action. Perhaps all should be both.
  6. Our question is not, “How ought people to be?” Our question is, “Considering how people are, how ought I to be?”
  7. Internal turmoil does not long remain internal.
  8. Love is far more than just affection. But it is not less.
  9. When we consider an idea to be part of our identity, disagreement with that idea feels like a personal attack.
  10. Political correctness originates in a healthy suspicion of ideas that have led to great evil. It has value, but perhaps should be held loosely.
  11. The wise man is thankful that he has had a good life. The wiser man is thankful for his sad times, because they have given him understanding. The wisest man understands that some do not have the insight that sorrow provides, and does not count it against them.
  12. It is a sad sight to see a youth without energy or an elder without wisdom.
  13. If observing the Sabbath is a burden, then you are missing the point.
  14. There are few deeper pains than seeing a loved one destroy themself.
  15. There is little difference between high school drama and workplace politics. There is little difference between kindergarten selfishness and high school drama.
  16. Peace is most valuable when all around is confusion.
  17. Joy is most valuable when all around is despair.
  18. The fact is that the world’s greatest minds could not agree about what the truth is. Therefore, knowing the truth is either an impossibly difficult task or our minds are prone towards rejecting the truth.
  19. Both you and another can prevent you from being known. But only you can allow yourself to be known.
  20. It is not true than an excess of wisdom stifles action. That sentiment is itself a wisdom.
  21. It is easy to forget our own faults when we truly see the faults of others.
  22. To be comfortable with our continual dependency on God is difficult indeed.
  23. The difference between men and women becomes most clear when we are in segregated groups.
  24. The practice of reciprocity creates an understanding that I doubt is achievable without the practice of reciprocity.
  25. Do not trust my words. Trust the words of Scripture, which is the Word of God.
  26. Apologists are little more than missionaries to intellectuals.
  27. The one whose deepest desire is freedom will go through life alone.
  28. The person who is truly secure is a jewel indeed.
  29. It is a true pleasure to see the nobility of a vocation demonstrated.
  30. “Who am I?” I am the beloved of Christ.
  31. It is difficult to understand today without understanding yesterday.
  32. Though I am certainly not a social activist, I appreciate those who lend dignity to that path.
  33. A city is built from many different people.

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