Man of Sorrows

“I’ve got this fine friend I want you to meet,
He’s sure to answer your questions complete.
He’s seen it and done it and been it, it all.
He won’t disappoint you, I promise on Paul.”

I asked and he seemed to grasp my demand,
Indeed it seemed he had it all planned.
He uttered a wit I don’t think I’ll forget,
And tied it together with the whole alphabet.

I went home to Wife to give her the news,
That I met the great speaker who’s mastered the muse.
Imagine my start when my wife said the same,
That she’d met Ms. Master, who has less acclaim.

She gave me the spiel, and she gave it real good,
The Mrs. knew lots of what’s under the hood.
I asked how he did it, how he responded with flair,
I asked but she warned me, I’ve got to beware.

Though puzzled at first, it soon became clear,
That the master, he learned through the use of his tears.
His darling was kind, the kindest of all,
And she was the reason that he didn’t fall.

He loved all his neighbors and that means a bunch,
But one thing ’bout love is it hits with a punch.
It doesn’t forget when one sheep has got lost,
And when thinking of others it doesn’t count cost.

This means some to me, I’ve done a few things,
But this man, he’s done more than I’ll ever sing.
He’s seen a good guy get eaten inside,
And turned over to Satan when he lost his bride.

He’s seen a good lady with her hair in a bun,
All happy and smiles, never lacking no fun,
Drift slowly but surely towards the spec’lating crowd,
Who wonder why church e’er feels so awful cowed.

He’s seen giant structures of people be built,
And torn down again ’cause of just one man’s guilt.
Remember he loves with a love that is strong,
So this is the reason his wife’s a birdsong.

He comes home exhausted, laden with grief,
Unable to speak, not expecting relief.
But she understands and comes right by his side,
To bring him her joy as if it’s Yuletide.

And he stutters and stammers a whisper quite low,
“I’m sorry I’m like this, I don’t want you to know,
The sorrow I’ve felt in this world we reside.”
He lets out a sob, though hide it he tried.

She nods and looks down and wants to bring rest,
So starts with a question, “How can I help best?”
He looks up to her, a last tear leaking out,
Says, “You are what Proverbs is talking about.”

With this he’s encouraged in his mission anew:
Help out with the house and help out with the crew.
There’s laughter and singing and a wonderf’lly glad,
And here at their home, not much is too sad.

“It comes and it goes,” Wife related to me.
I couldn’t believe the reality.
The man with such wisdom felt heartbreak repeat,
And only to save him was his wife’s sweet retreat.

But I guess it makes sense, his knowing it all;
He speaks from himself, from inside the squall.
A true man of sorrows, a leader for sure,
I thank him for loving, and wish him endure.

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