Apothegms and Observations IX

  1. From time to time, the Catholic Church tempts me with its epistemic comfort. However, a glance at its history and doctrine reminds me that I must now act the man. (Then again, I imagine my Catholic friends would say the same of my history and doctrine…)
  2. I am truly a novice, but perhaps Catholics can sometimes mistake the Visible Church with the Invisible Church. Thus, they are unswerving in their trust of the Visible Church.
  3. Truly, the grand problem of virtue is living in the world but not living of the world.
  4. We all know that Christianity is occasionally misrepresented in the classroom and in the world. Would it not be logical to assume that other religions are occasionally misrepresented as well?
  5. To me, the most psychologically devastating problem of epistemology is the problem of disagreement.
  6. What saves me from my deepest doubts is the historicity of the Resurrection.
  7. There are few question more worthy of consideration: What is wisdom?
  8. My generation likes to think, “WWJD?” and this is good. But perhaps digesting the depths of Jeremiah, Lamentations, or Hosea would make our wisdom more complete.
  9. I appreciate the honest insights into life that the movie Fight Club provides, but it is too bad that it seems to have been made by a fool, for fools. Yet, I am certain that the Church would do well to discuss why it is so impactful.
  10. Perhaps a common pitfall of Christian young women is avoiding harsh realities, and perhaps a common pitfall of Christian young men is absorbing harsh realities. In other words, earnest women are bad at being in the world, and earnest men are bad at not being of the world.
  11. It is a tragedy that some men do not know what real friendship is.
  12. Canned baked beans are among modern civilization’s great triumphs.
  13. When I listen to Tiny Desk Concerts, I wonder how anyone can say that music is dead.
  14. Someone once said to me that the reason white people started respecting black people was because they made the greatest music the world had ever heard, jazz. If they could make art that touches our souls like that…
  15. I weep for the generation who believes men are simple.
  16. It is good to earnestly desire the beauties and rests of Heaven. It is also good to know full well that earth is not Heaven. It is folly to hold only one of these virtues.
  17. It is good to understand how things should be. It is also good to understand how things are. It is folly to understand only one of these.
  18. The Christian does not avoid secular communities. He enters them and loves them.
  19. When your mother disowns you, when your brothers spit on you, when your wife betrays you, when your mentors fail you, that is when Christ forgave.
  20. This is the question: did Jesus actually rise from the dead?
  21. Tolkien said that stories ought to have good endings. Life is the greatest story of all, and oh, does it have the best ending.
  22. If we are truly secure in our identity then we will be able to listen to criticism.
  23. Life is ought to be the crucible of our ideas. Life, and conversation.
  24. Pan’s Labyrinth ignites my heart with infinite wonder.
  25. A scholar of Old Testament once interpreted Solomon’s demise, Proverbs 31Qohelet’s despair, and Song of Songs in this way: The final and most difficult test of a man’s wisdom is finding a good wife.
  26. It causes me no end of grief to see a fool who thinks himself wise.
  27. Only the young do not value courteousness.
  28. The leader without wisdom cannot tolerate dissent.
  29. The story of Enron is truly Shakespearean.
  30. Sometimes I think that if young women knew the constancy of many men’s lust, they would act differently.
  31. Sometimes I think that if young men knew the constancy of many women’s insecurity, they would act differently.
  32. It is a mistake to be too convinced by righteous anger.
  33. If you think you should probably apologize, first accept Christ’s rebuke so that you are able to apologize truly. Then, apologize.
  34. If someone is a world renowned expert on one topic, that does not mean he is an expert on every topic.

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