Apothegms and Observations VIII

  1. Pan’s Labyrinth calls forth an aching for Something from deep within my heart.
  2. If you are serious about inclusivity and tolerance, become a libertarian.
  3. Both Booker T. Washington and MLK thought that the key to racial reconciliation is the Gospel. I am with them.
  4. Who would have expected that I, with my mind that is in love with rebelliousness, would be a Christian!
  5. We cannot heal the broken until they are within the Church. This is because Christ heals them.
  6. I am really quite silly.
  7. We have failed to take seriously the challenges of existentialism and higher criticism and because of that, we cannot answer them.
  8. When philosophizing, it is vitally important to remember that Satan is the Great Deceiver.
  9. Bringing someone to salvation is another way of saying bringing someone into the Church.
  10. Sean treated Will as an equal, not as a loser to be fixed. This is why he succeeded where others failed.
  11. I have yet to come across two people who agree in every detail.
  12. There is no discrimination in the trenches. We are in the trenches.
  13. All translations are interpretations.
  14. The Lumineers rightly said, “It’s a long road to wisdom, but it’s a short one to being ignored.”
  15. It is a deep tragedy when a church does not represent the Church.
  16. I’m not sure, but probably, Black-ish is doing more for race relations in America than any student activism.
  17. Miley released The Time of Our Lives in 2009, and Can’t Be Tamed in 2010. How fast she changed.
  18. The phrase has some wisdom: If you are shouting, “Don’t judge me,” you may be doing something wrong.
  19. How sad it is when people feel alone and they do not realize that we are with them.
  20. We cannot preach the Gospel until we understand it. We will not preach the Gospel until we believe it. Finally, when we are thankful for the Gospel, we cannot help but preach it.
  21. I agree that I see from a certain perspective. So, I speak my perspective, that you may learn. I hope that you, too, will speak your perspective, that I may learn.
  22. My pastor back home would always say with a smile, “We are far worse than we know. And God’s grace is far greater than we can think or even imagine.” Those are among the wisest words I have ever heard.
  23. Satan may perhaps also be called the Great Distractor.
  24. A lack of confidence in the capacity to Know rips the mind into nomadic chaos, erratically wandering from vague conviction to vague conviction.
  25. It is difficult to think rigorously about fundamental things. Interestingly, it is perhaps the time when rigor is most valuable.
  26. If you act with honor in the important moments, you are deemed a good man. If you act with honor in the unimportant moments, you are deemed a saint.
  27. Secular counseling sees so clearly that we are broken people in need of healing. However, it will never discover the deepest truth that we are sinners in need of repentance.
  28. There is an intelligence that can meticulously solve every issue, but whose thought lacks virtue. With a mind like this I will have nothing to do.
  29. How is it that I have only recently begun seeking counsel on important things?
  30. The real American dream is self-governance.
  31. It is easy for us to believe we are knowledgeable if we can critique another with humor. But if we do not understand what we are critiquing, then we are merely scoffing.
  32. It is difficult to rebuke well.
  33. A rebuke surrounded by love can be received with repentance.
  34. How many are persuaded to follow a begrudging compliance? Mirth persuades others to follow.

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