Apothegms and Observations III

  1. I’m not sure that pride is the root of all sin, but it is the most resilient of all sin.
  2. No progress has been made until pride has been realized.
  3. This is a hard saying: The humble man does not become prideful when damaged by the pride of another.
  4. It is not uncommon for the pious to enjoy hate.
  5. If you have all knowledge, skill, and influence, and yet do not have humility, you have not even begun.
  6. Anger: often justified, but oh! so damaging.
  7. Is there a deeper tragedy than that of Cath?
  8. It is not uncommon for the pious to be afraid of questions.
  9. The culmination, the epitome, the pinnacle of human civilization is the hot shower.
  10. Ignorance creates silly dogma and silly tolerance in equal measure.
  11. Existentialism is the philosophy of the day that we must confront face to face, in all fairness and knowledge and love and finally, harsh judgement. It is the philosophy of the angry artist, of “culture” in the arrogantly sophisticated sense, of the boundless Id. It is the philosophy that entices with beautiful claims of meaningless hope within despair, but when in its grasp, it leaves one gasping for breath, weeping on the cold floor, utterly crushed and without joy, hating all observation and human touch, but not knowing why or how to escape. The duty of the intellectual today is to understand it and have compassion on it, and thus to battle it with simple, calm joy. This joy may perhaps come from various places, but I fear only the religious man has a source of calm joy powerful enough to attack existentialism’s desperation. It is comforting that the apologetic verse specifies “Hope.”
  12. Confusion is often the beginning of understanding.
  13. Those who used to be us but are no longer us are usually wiser than us. Therefore, respect your elders.
  14. The most beautiful laughter is the laughter that follows cleansing tears.
  15. Why are we Christians if we do not love the Bible? Why are we Americans if we do not love the Constitution?
  16. If we choose not to contribute to a decision, we cannot complain of its outcome.
  17. The beginning of wisdom merits contemplation.
  18. They say that you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. The meaning is that the absence of a good thing makes you realize how good it is. The contrapositive is also true: you never know how vane something is until you’ve got it. The absence of a vane thing makes you think it is worthwhile.
  19. Is there a man whose only hope is Christ? Who does not chase after a hebel?
  20. The essence of fundamentalism is forgetting what it is to be human.
  21. Small hurts are easily mended, but only if they want to be mended.
  22. Truly, the tongue is a spark that sets ablaze a large forest fire. But what is gossip, and what is open communication?
  23. A happy world is a gift from God. It is not promised. But how sweet it is when it is given!
  24. Show me the man who understands the world in every detail, and I will show you a liar.
  25. Ecclesiastes is the foundation of conservatism.
  26. My father said, “Young men care about two things: girls and the big issues.” Mostly, we care about girls.
  27. If we believe that everything God does is good and everything God allows is for our good, we will be wise indeed.
  28. When the teenager realizes his parents are sinners like he is, life becomes easier. How can the parents help him realize this? By apologizing.
  29. Virtues rarely look like we expect them to look. “All that is gold does not glitter…”
  30. Saul was ISIS.
  31. When the Gospel is fully received, it transforms even the home.
  32. An insistence on happiness destroys happiness.
  33. Someone once said, “Conservatism is a healthy respect for the world as it is.”
  34. It is not uncommon for the pious to feel malice.
  35. I do not actually want grace. If I accept it, I will be admitting a fault!
  36. Webb ended his magnum opus well. What a pity, what a pity.
  37. There is a reason many have turned to cynicism. We must not be the reason.

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