A Weak Man’s Prayer

What is the value of an actionless lament of evil? Is it not merely feeling righteous? What is it other than an emotional outpouring? What does it accomplish except allowing me to feel the problem has somehow gone away because I am so spiritual as to feel sorrow at evil? What is my faith without deeds?

On the other hand, how can I fight the immensity of evil? Even harder, how can I fight the root of evil, the heart of Man? What change will endure? What action is open to me? It is not only the heart of Man at large, but it is my own heart! Vanity of vanities, all is vanity! Lord, Lord, send me, but I am powerless! Lord, I am powerless!

Lord, how can I bear a grief that stems from love, and thus ought to never cease? I look forward to the goal, thank you, thank you, Lord. I yearn for relief, and I know that it will be granted eventually. And I feel Your embrace in the embrace of my brother, thank you, Lord.

So I now ask You for contentment. I ask that I will love those whom You have given me, and that I will be at peace with that mission. I ask that I will trust You, and trust my brethren I have never met to do Your will. I ask that I will allow myself to be Your finger, not Your entire Body. I ask that you will give me strength to run Your race, and at last that I will finish well.

Lord, dwell with me. Lord, grant me humility. If at all possible, grant me peace along with that humility. If it pleases you, grant me joy. Lord, if it be your will, grant me understanding. But please Lord, grant me love. Finally, Lord, and most truly, make me into the man You want me to be. Your will be done.

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