I haven’t posted here in over a year, whatever. I feel like it. Disclaimer: this is just a rant.

I find that I often cannot articulate the profundities I feel. Christ is God, how can one comprehend that? Christ had emotion, he wept, he asked the Father to pass the cup. He was human. He had authority to cast out demons, he was without sin, he knew all. How can all these things be?

God is merciful, God is just. It is true, but how? How can people say any words with weight? Do they not feel the fickle nature, the emptiness? And I know I am wrong. But Christ struggled, may we not struggle? The Ill Mind of Hopsin is real! Fahrenheit 451’s ending: silence and mirrors! But Hopsin did not know. Bradbury did not know. Even Lewis did not know. I know of Reformed thinking, it is true. Did Sproul and Van Til suffer? Is it being a romantic?

Or is pain sin? No, Christ was in pain. Sin makes pain, there is so much sin. How does joy exist? The righteous see sin, they hate sin, and it is within them. How can joy exist? Emotions are real. They have a purpose, Christ had emotions.

I am a romantic. Thank you, Dave Culmer. How can a romantic live God’s life? How can he be orthodox? He feels the truths, and truths can be crippling. Emotions are passions, do others truly not feel things for days, months? They must. Movies, books… made by romantics. Are we alone? How are we to function as the foot, not the hand? What gifts do we have? How do we overcome weaknesses? New thoughts.

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