Musicks: Zula

So, this new theme. I like it a lot, except for one thing. I think that it is very difficult to distinguish paragraphs. If anyone is out there looking at this, I would greatly appreciate a comment telling me whether you agree or not. (And no, I am unable to have a blank paragraph in between each real paragraph. WordPress deletes it.) Anyway, on to Zula.

I forget quite how I discovered these guys, but I am certainly glad I did. They are incredible, but sadly they are also extremely unknown. This is not being a hipster, it is just true. In fact, I very much hope many people find out about them so they can keep making music. That is anti-hipster if I ever heard it. They don’t have a full LP yet, but I believe they are fairly close to completing one. They play a lot of shows in New York City where they are based, so if anyone lives over there, you should definitely go support them. I would be jealous. They accurately describe themselves as “Psychedelic pop.” I guess this is enough introduction to justify a post. Enjoy!

You can start with Technocrat Motorist Coping. Their entire discography is to the right, so just go check out the rest of their stuff. Notice it is all entirely free cause they are awesome.

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