The Tenth Dimension

So late last night I came across this delightful little video and decided to make it my first post. Well, second if you want to get technical. First real post that will conform to the theme of this blog. It may take a bit to understand, but I think the video explains the concept very well.

I have heard of a few theologians say that God lives in the tenth dimension, so basically they are replacing “String Theory” at the end of the video with “God”. Before now I couldn’t even see how they could think that, but now I can. If you use this statement, “God lives in the tenth dimension,” as merely a convenient way to think about God’s relationship with the world, then I really have no problem with it. I mean, if you use it in the sense that God can see all possible universal timelines at once and can jump from one to another effortlessly, then sure.  But if you say he really truly does live in this dimension of the physical world, you immediately have many problems that stem from your misconception of God.

For one, you assume he is in the physical world at all, which I don’t believe he is. That would restrict him and I don’t think it’s biblical.

It seems like being at this level of matter could not restrict anything. It is at the essence of existence after all. You can simultaneously see all possible histories of all possible universes. THAT IS AMAZING. However, it still has a huge restriction on it. You still can’t see anything non-physical, such as a soul. So if God lived in the tenth dimension, in a way we would be higher than he is because we exist in two worlds, physical and spiritual, while he only exists in one.

I think the Bible is fairly clear about God being outside the physical universe altogether, being a spirit rather than a body. This verse is a decent example of that. God is not in the universe at all. Also, the idea of the Holy Spirit wouldn’t make much sense if he wasn’t in the spiritual world. The Holy Spirit affects our souls, which are not physical. So yeah.

Now, there is one more thing to address. I have also heard it said that he doesn’t live there, he just operates at that level. That is, when he interacts with the physical universe he uses the tenth dimension. I’ll have to think about that more and maybe post about it, but at the moment it seems okay. That would give him plenty of room to operate outside of time, space, and the laws of nature. So maybe.

One thought on “The Tenth Dimension

  1. “For one, you assume he is in the physical world at all”

    This whole post is dominated by the assumption that the 10th dimension is physical. Who’s to say, (assuming the existence of a spiritual world and a clear disctinction between physical and spiritual), that the physical world doesn’t perhaps occupy only a set space along one of the higher dimensions, with the spiritual world existing further along?


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