Prove It.

“Until I see some proof of God’s existence, I think it’s stupid to believe in him.” Sigh. This statement. Nowadays it seems like almost no one understands what proof means. Or they at least don’t use it correctly when talking about philosophical and logical things. I think it may have two¬†separate¬†meanings, the everyday and the logical. One is for inductive reasoning, the other is for deductive. Continue reading “Prove It.”

The Epistemic Trilemma

This is something I struggled with for a long time, and epistemologists I believe are still very divided on the subject.

Let’s say you have a statement that you believe is true. How about “God is real. ” Now, in order to say that it is true you must show why you believe it is true. So, you list out all these arguments. But then you must prove that those statements are true. And then you must justify your proof of your arguments. And so on, ad infinitum. So, there are now three options left to you to find certain knowledge.

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