Argument from Logic

If anyone out there actually cares about this blog, then I apologize. It’s been like a month and half since I posted. Lately some things have captured my thoughts completely, and I only recently have started thinking about fun things again. This discussion is built off of a previous post that you can find here. There I attempted to demonstrate that free will cannot exist in a naturalistic universe. Well it’s not really built off it, but it is related and it would be good to keep in mind that free will doesn’t exist in naturalism.  Anyways. Here we go. Continue reading “Argument from Logic”

Is This Real Life?

No, I’m not talking about a certain boy who enjoys laughing gas, I’m talking about the nature of reality! A few months ago I tried to see how close to not existing the universe, and yourself, could possibly be. I’ve heard a few people do something similar, but I’ve never heard someone go as far as I have. I start with one assumption about the universe that makes it much simpler than it probably is: the cosmos consists only of particles and the like; there is no supernatural. I don’t agree with this, but it made the experiment much easier. I hope you can follow my absurdity, and I hope even more that you enjoy it. Continue reading “Is This Real Life?”

Argument from Free Will

This argument is not very convincing in my opinion because you could just accept the consequences, but I think most people don’t realize the results of naturalism. And in this post I am going to lay out just one of those results. Wait a second. That was too short an intro. I must write more without actually saying more because the actual content is pretty straight forward and won’t take much explaining at all. So I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit longer. I just saw the movie Contagion finally. I really liked it. It’s amazing how powerful the tools we have against disease are. Okay, this is long enough. Now for the real stuff. Continue reading “Argument from Free Will”