Pascal’s Wager

Ah, Pascal’s Wager. It attempts not to provide a proof of God’s existence, but rather it tries to show that no matter if he does or does not exist, it is stupid not to believe that he does. An interesting approach, but I think it completely fails. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually use this argument, but I’m sure it is done. I know I’ve heard of atheists making fun of it, so I thought I may as well talk about it. Continue reading “Pascal’s Wager”

Argument from Free Will

This argument is not very convincing in my opinion because you could just accept the consequences, but I think most people don’t realize the results of naturalism. And in this post I am going to lay out just one of those results. Wait a second. That was too short an intro. I must write more without actually saying more because the actual content is pretty straight forward and won’t take much explaining at all. So I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit longer. I just saw the movie Contagion finally. I really liked it. It’s amazing how powerful the tools we have against disease are. Okay, this is long enough. Now for the real stuff. Continue reading “Argument from Free Will”