Mmk. Here are things I want to write about, in no particular order.

  1. The tension between “Intentionality” and our “Nature,” and how laziness and doubt are difficult to overcome
  2. A thorough analysis of an evolution-backed Camus-esque worldview. Can this provide robust answers to philosophical and life problems?
  3. A discussion of Peirce’s “The Fixation of Belief”
  4. One on Nietzsche that is like a words-battle between him and God. I’m not sure how to do this though, because I have to avoid the ethical problem of putting words in God’s mouth…
  5. A thorough analysis of political correctness
  6. The term “Spirit” in contrast to weariness, and why having spirit in life is hard, but why we are allowed to have spirit. (Preview: basically, the answer is the Gospel)
  7. The School of Masters: a little imaginative fiction story about walking around an open air university with various masters elucidating on various topics, and the manners in which they agree and disagree
  8. A standard one on the beauty of the diversity of the Church
  9. More follow-ups to my gender articles
  10. One describing my idea of mirth
  11. A caution in critiquing the Church based on Daniel 9
  12. Contemplations on why I believe in God
  13. A standard one on TULIP
  14. A thank you to my friends for the great debt I owe them of being normal people
  15. Answering this question: How does the notion of progress work into Chesterton’s framework?
  16. Analyzing the Christian and biblical idea of strength in weakness. What that means and what that doesn’t mean.
  17. A contemplation of Proverbs 26:1-12
  18. Why I am not: a Theosophist, a Catholic, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an atheist, a Hindu, a Jew, a Satanist
  19. An essay on Mad Max: Fury Road
  20. Shame and guilt as a part of repentance
  21. (God help me) some words on the role of modesty in women’s clothing in the modern world
  22. One on why I like the EPC’s motto
  23. An analysis of entitlement and what we deserve
  24. A discussion of privilege
  25. One on why science should never be disrespected, but instead be seen as integral to life. Definitely tying very closely into Charles Sanders Peirce.
  26. One on abortion and the debate over its ethicality
  27. (God help me) some thoughts that helped me be more at peace with my beliefs on homosexuality
  28. Analyzing one of Jesus’ most radical commandments: “Do not resist the one who is evil.” What this means and what it doesn’t mean.
  29. An experiential post on how quiet time can be unbelievably hard
  30. An essay on FEEL.
  31. An essay on the decline of Benjamin Clementine into Bohemianism
  32. An essay on alcohol. Telling children that don’t take it seriously that they are fools. Telling parents who are teetotalers that they are fools. Pointing to my concept of the modern European treatment of alcohol as the correct approach.
  33. A diss of Drake
  34. A reflection on 2 Peter 3:16b-17
  35. A discussion of the importance of the confessional creed
  36. The doctrine that our minds our sinful, and what that implies and doesn’t imply
  37. One on the fact that history is not calm, and we shouldn’t expect the present to be calm, but we should act despite of that, and that is what courage is anyways
  38. A reply to Ill Mind of Hopsin 7
  39. More of Glen’s tales
  40. One on sex: why just consent is not enough, and (God help me) also ideas that have helped me in accepting that homosexuality is condemned in Scripture